New e-C4X Features and Equipment Inquiry

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New e-C4X Features and Equipment Inquiry

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I will be joining the community with my new e-C4X. I haven’t received my car yet, but there are some inconsistencies between what I discussed with the dealership and the car’s features. I’ve been trying to find a screen where I can see all the features and equipment of the car, but I haven’t been successful. Could anyone assist me with this?

My car’s VIN code is: VR7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]

Thank you
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Re: New e-C4X Features and Equipment Inquiry

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This is something you should of checked on the final order - certain trim levels have certain equipment, but in addition there are 'option packs' that can be added on to the vehicle at the time of order at additional cost.

It's common for some people to drive a demonstrator car and see certain features, but it then turns out that the demo cars have been fitted with optional extras to showcase features and optional equipment to potential buyers - who are then disappointed to find out that their new vehicle does not come with these options when they get it.

You should check in the actual brochure at the dealership or with Citroen online in your country where you can download the brochure that shows what is standard equipment for each trim level. It will also show any optional extras or option packs that can be specified.

Bear in mind that vehicle features and equipment are also country-dependent, so it may be that certain features or options are not available in certain countries.

However if you would like a factory build sheet for your vehicle as it left the factory, please see below:

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