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Technical Support - Vehicles

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The following concerns Citroen, DS Automobiles & Peugeot Vehicles Only. We are unable to supply Renault parts information

Please note that in addition to parts information, in order to provide technical assistance we may need to look up your vehicle data from your vehicle's VIN. You can type the VIN into any forum post and it will be automatically masked from public view (appearing as VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff]). The information available from decoding the VIN may include Build Date Code, Factory Fitted Options, Exact Model, Engine or Vehicle Characteristics for example, to support onward fault finding. We will only publicly release the portion of information required to answer your query.

As of 16th March 2020, PSA have now started charging for access to this data.

The FCF Admin Team will now only provide Parts Data / Parts Diagrams that requires chargeable access, to those members who have made a £10 minimum donation to the Forum fund in the current or previous calendar year. Once published on the FCF, the parts information will remain free for all to read. Your donation will cover you for any future parts enquiries or assistance we may be able to provide for up to 2 years, which presents excellent value.

For the full announcement, please see here:

Important Information concerning access to PSA parts data

Or to donate click the link below:

Please Don't PM Me For Technical Help