Abs Sensor Fault (C1330) C5 X7

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Abs Sensor Fault (C1330) C5 X7

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I'm having intermittent issues with one of the abs sensors (increasing in frequency now), dash shows abs and esp lights and lexia reports C1330 for the front right sensor. I figure it's just the sensor going bad, I replaced those in my other vehicles and it's usually a pretty straight forward job. However with the C5 it doesn't seem to have an intermediate connector and I have to get the plug up into the engine bay and into the BSM box.

Is this true or is there an intermediate connector for the abs sensor? Can anyone provide the steps/tips on how to do this on a C5 X7 (2009)?
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Re: Abs Sensor Fault (C1330) C5 X7

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Cant remember the exact position of the sensor connector but normally the front ones are in the engine bay by the inner wing.
Dont think I’ve ever seen one in the BSM box. When you get the new sensor the length of the wiring on it will give you an idea. Just follow the cabling on the original sensor