1.2 PureTech Smoke!

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1.2 PureTech Smoke!

Post by Mechmax »

Hello All,

I recently purchased a 2015 1.2 Puretech from CoPart (I know!) 43,327miles.

The car idles roughly and has a constant stream of Grey smoke out the exhaust.

It appears to have had a new cam belt and the engine appears to have had a good clean with no oil or residue in the boost pipes or PCV pipes.

I have cleaned the camshaft sensors as they had rubber deposits on them, and also cleaned the oil pump gauze which had minimal deposits. A compression test has given me readings of 190psi over all cylinders.

When I first got the car I had attached fault codes present. All of which have now gone after being cleared and test drove, but the smoking still persists.

Would anybody have any suggestions going forward.
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Re: 1.2 PureTech Smoke!

Post by ekjdm14 »

If I'm reading that right that the car has electronically controlled oil pressure (waaaaay out of my wheelhouse this new of a thing) then the pressure faults (Particularly the P15A8) would have me looking at the oil pressure sensor/it's circuit. Not 100% sure, but if the pressure is electronically regulated then a fault with the sensor could possibly cause extremely high oil pressure if the car "thinks" it's low, and this in turn could cause oil to bypass the turbo seals. (and possibly cause issues with other pressure actuated things such as cam phasers, al la P0015

Failing that, and assuming the oil pressure codes to be spurious/resultant faults then I'd be looking into the cam phasers and mechanical timing (recent cam belt job = potential for mistakes)

The cylinder 1 misfire could be a seperate issue, or may be oil fouling related. If it was my car first thing I'd do would be to pull the plugs and see what they tell me, try and diagnose the misfire issue as a start & then find out the procedure to check the oil pressure with a mechanical gauge (may be as simple as teeing into the sensor port but would want to confirm this)
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