Parts compatibility question

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Parts compatibility question

Post by Fred Timperly »

I am looking to replace from driver's side shock absorber.
My car spec: 308 ALLURE E-HDI -- 1.6 Diesel Manual 2014
Donor car: 308 BLUEHDI -- 1.5 Diesel Manual 2019
This is what the part looks like: (see attachment please)
Now my question is, will this fit in my car? I am unable to get part number of the donor component and the seller is unresponsive.

Thanks in advance!
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Re: Parts compatibility question

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Vehicle parts are generally specific to each model and trim / build date. Suspension components especially are designed this way so forget looks, they may all look the same, but are engineered specifically for the weight of the vehicle, the engine type etc. to ensure they provide the correct handling characteristics for the specific vehicle and in this instance above - no, they are not the same.

We can help if you need an original genuine part number, part diagram or factory build sheet and can't already find the info you need on the Forum. For this service, we do ask for a membership upgrade for official parts data as we are in turn charged for this. It will cover you for future part number requests for up to 2 years, so excellent value.

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Re: Parts compatibility question

Post by PaulC5 »

Even if the parts are the same, there is a good chance a 10 year old shock absorber and its top bearing will not be in good condition. It would appear there is something wrong with your 5 year old shock absorber for you wanting to make the change which backs up this thought. PSA often have coloured bands on the springs to indicate which type they are and should be a matched pair across the car.

I would get a Peugeot dealer to quote a price for the bit you need to replace and note that it is normal to replace the shock absorber on both sides at the same time. Same with the springs if you need to replace that. Beware of copy springs, there have been reports on here of them not being right and recently a Xsara Picasso was higher than normal after fitting some.