Need a replacment plastic Wing mirror part.

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Need a replacment plastic Wing mirror part.

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Had a run in with another car while in Spain which crossed the centre line, a took out my passenger wing mirror.

Amazed at how robust the wing mirror assembly is as all the main parts remained intact, I managed to put the assembly back together after retrieving the parts from the road. However, the mirror itself was smashed, but made a repair which worked till I replaced it with a correct replacement when back in the UK.

However, the side indicator is broken and it looks like the outer shell covering has shattered. I have covered that with waterproof clear tape (which has worked, so far). That piece was also probably on the road, but as it is clear plastic probably did not see it.

I have looked around the internet for that part and have come across a parts list, but don’t seem to be able to locate an actual part on the web to buy.

Does anyone have some suggestions as to where I can get one, please.

Many thanks
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Re: Need a replacment plastic Wing mirror part.

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It's part (8) and left / right side are different - if you need the part numbers see below:

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