Help please Coolant

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Help please Coolant

Post by ohspecial1 »


Sorry if this sounds silly

But my coolant is on min nemo 2010 with 27k on the clock supposedly been serviced but unsure when but im guessing it would have to be otherwise comes up on the dashboard

Is it uncommon to be low on coolant especially with mileage or could i be losing it or have an issue thats why they got rid of it

Cannot find what 1 to use have a copy of the owners manual and states Only use the fluid recommended by the
manufacturer bloomin helpful

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Re: Help please Coolant

Post by citroenguy »

Is the coolant "low" as the level is on MIN or is the reservoir empty?

Red/pink longlife coolant is what it uses.
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Re: Help please Coolant

Post by GiveMeABreak »

The coolant should be filled to the MAX mark on the header tank (when the engine is cold), but never over the MAX limit as there needs to be room for expansion.