C5 X7 new hydro shock bad?

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C5 X7 new hydro shock bad?

Post by mihkel »

Hey! I've got a 2010 C5 X7 with hydro suspension. Two years ago I had a local MOT failure as the shocks were leaking (2 at the front and 1 at the back). I changed the shocks and no more leaks. They were about 210€ per front shock at the time.

In some time I started to hear some clunking noise coming from the front right corner as I was going over speed bumps or driving over sharper bumps on the road. Got quite annoying and I went to a local MOT place that had a great chassis rocking lift to find any worn bushings or joints. But to no avail - the guy couldn't find anything.

As long as I have had the car the front has been sitting a bit higher than normal. Got the time and found out what could be done about it so I lowered the front via the sway bar sensor. All good and the car was level now. After that I noticed that the noise was barely there which I found odd. The noise came apparent only in really sharp bumps. I was OK with that and didn't bother with the problem any more. But now for a few months the clunk has been coming back...

Yesterday evening I swapped the front shock spheres to rule them out - the noise is still on the right side.

Everything else seems fine, the car rides great and the sport mode gives a nice firm feel to the suspension. Has anyone had problems with new shocks? Or am I missing something? New shock from the cheapest supplier is 450€ now so i don't really want to just try it out.
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Re: C5 X7 new hydro shock bad?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

See my Post here:


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