Radiator difference between manual/automatic cars

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Radiator difference between manual/automatic cars

Post by nicolla »

So, the topic says it. I have C4 Picasso 2.0HDI from 2007
About 6 months ago I replaced radiator, but now someone noticed that 2 pipes are touching pretty unnatural. One is coming out of radiator, and another is the pipe for turbo.
Picture attached.


My question is - is there a difference between radiators for manual and automatic gearbox versions of the same car?
My VIN is VF7**************[VIN obfuscated, can be read by forum staff] - that might be important if someone want to help me find out the right version.

OMG, car services here are so so stressful, I need to do their job lol :)
Thank you very much for reading about my problems :D
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Re: Radiator difference between manual/automatic cars

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Yes, the hoses are completely different on some parts of the cooling system from a manual to an Auto for this engine.

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