What DS5 Head Unit is this?

This is the Connected NAV system.
Main Features: It is a fully integrated Telematics System featuring CarPlay, Android Auto, Real Time Services, Voice Commands, High-Res Display, 3D Navigation, Bluetooth Hands Free & USB. 2 versions of the system are available NAC (Navigation Audio Connectée) and RCC (Radio Couleur Connectée) or Connected Colour Radio, which does not have the Integrated Navigation or Connected Services.

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Re: What DS5 Head Unit is this?

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So is what you call "Touchscreen" a specific model?

To me it's a descriptive word, not a model name.
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Re: What DS5 Head Unit is this?

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PSA use it as both. I am using it as the name of the system shortened to 7" Touchscreen as that is what they refer to it as (7" Touchscreen Tablet). If I am referring to the Connected NAV (NAC / RCC) units I'll use Connected Nav / NAC

7" Touchscreen Tablet
7 inch.PNG

Connected NAV
conn nav.PNG