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Air filter

Post by Reine »

Hi , where to find a performance air filter to an C5 2.7 HDI 2009?
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Re: Air filter

Post by civvie »

Your local car performance dealer
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Re: Air filter

Post by GiveMeABreak »

From an aftermarket seller.

I wouldn't recommend it to be honest - to allow more air into the engine the Air filter has to be less dense, so will expose your engine to more dirt and contaminants getting in. For the little perceived benefit, I'd stick to a proper one that is designed for the engine.
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Re: Air filter

Post by ozvtr »

When the C2 club site was still active, a bloke did a very thorougher and exhaustive test of modifications to the stock air filter box and also tested a "pod" style air filter.
He found that anything but the stock air filter box reduced performance and fuel economy!
You have to realize the engineers have done all they can to squeeze the best performance out of the engine, in it's stock form!

I am not saying that you will get the same results, but unless you are going to get the engine ECU "tuned" to suit the new air filter, you are probably wasting your time.
I would contact a 'chip-tuning' place and discuss what you want to achieve, if you are after a bit more performance. They are probably in a better place to advise you on what you need to do for your particular engine. I.E. change the air filter or not.

If you don't want to go down that road and still want to change your filter, K&N produce a range of quality performance air filters and modification kits. You can try their web site. Most large auto parts stores carry K&N filters.
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Re: Air filter

Post by Stewart(oily) »

+1 for the stock filter in good condition, theres a lot of snake oil peddled to flog expensive filters to teenage boys.