Suspension Faulty

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Suspension Faulty

Post by Reine »

I have a C5 2.7 HDI in 2008. After a workshop visit where various braking equipment was replaced and a new battery, the suspension has not worked as it should after that. I can raise and lower manually, but when I drive away the rear suspension is in the normal position while at the front it is raised to the max and it is very rocking.
Looked at the lds liquid, which turned out to be very low or empty, filled up a liter but it did not help.
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Re: Suspension Faulty

Post by GiveMeABreak »

As you have a V6 version, the suspension height correctors are fitted to each individual wheel, instead of on the rear and front axle on 4 Cylinder engines.

I suspect they may have damaged one of these when undertaking work. So you need to take it back and hold them liable to correct if it turns out they have moved or damaged these as a result of the brake repairs after you drove away.

As for the LDS fluid, be careful not to overfill the reservoir. The fluid must be checked with the vehicle on the LOWEST suspension setting and must only be filled to between the 'a' & 'b' mark as shown.