Peugeot 307CC parkingsensor problem

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Peugeot 307CC parkingsensor problem

Post by RichiB »

When i put in the reverse gear i hear a long beeeeep for maybe 5-6 seconds and then it stops, and then nothing.....
Nothing on any display and no beep beep beep :-(
What is wrong?

Peugeot 307CC 2004
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Re: Peugeot 307CC parkingsensor problem

Post by GiveMeABreak »

1) You may already be parked up to an object within the red proximity alert, causing the continuous beep when hitting reverse
2) You may have one or more faulty sensors
3) There may be a fault in the parking assistance ECU. As has happened to me previously, check in the boot area (rear left hand side of the trunk area) to make sure you haven't spilled any liquid from a container that has penetrated the parking assistance ECU. My screen wash emptied 3 litres into my boot and I wasn't aware of it until my ECU started playing up. It was entirely soaked in blackberry smelling purple screen wash and it took a week to clean and dry it out.

If there is no spill, or obvious damage to wiring on the unit, then you need to get it diagnose with Diagbox. It will be able to tell you if there is a fault and if it is a sensor or sensors, which ones.