Peugeot 307CC window/sensor problem

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Peugeot 307CC window/sensor problem

Post by RichiB »

Hello friends.

I have now bought my self a very nice Peugeot 307CC 2.0 Sport 177hp 2004 with red/black leather interior :-) Realy nice :-)
This car is ofcourse not perfect ;-)
I have some minor electrical problems.
When i bought the car all the windows/sdoor handle sensors worked fine, but suddenly after i unpluged the battery from the car the driver side window did not want to go all the way up.... it stoppes 10cm from top.
I found out that i could reset the windows and i did that and now the windows work fine but NOT the driver side door handle sensor..... :-(
The passenger side works fine, when i put my hand around the doorhandle the window goes dow a little bit and i can open the door, but this does not hapend on the driver side :-( I have to open the door a little bit and then it goes down a little bit.

How can i fix this?
You can see the problem in the youtube video below
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Re: Peugeot 307CC window/sensor problem

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi Richi.

Many of these electrical issues can be down to the electronics - specifically the ECUs not being properly shut down and reinitialised after a battery change or disconnection.

For PSA cars, please follow this guide whenever disconnecting the battery to resolve these sorts of issues:

BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure