Engine Warning Light - P1351 & P0102

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Engine Warning Light - P1351 & P0102

Post by ukphiltr7 »

Recently I have had the engine warning light come on and a few beeps on start-up, in my 04 C3 mk1.

I have an OBDII Vehicle Fault Code Reader and the warnings that are coming up are as follows:

P1351 – IDM Input Circuit Malfunction/ Ignition Coil Control Circuit High Voltage
P0102 – MAF or VAF a circuit low input

Has anyone come across this before or knows how to resolve it? Also is it a stop driving the car until fixed or can I carry on driving for a bit until fixed?
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Re: Engine Warning Light - P1351 & P0102

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You'll need to pop your VIN up here first (automasked on post submission) so I can relate the fault to the specific engine ECU.