3.0 V6 valve covers....

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3.0 V6 valve covers....

Post by AlvinCitroenC5 »

My 2005 C5 V6's most rearward alloy valve cover is leaking again. I have replaced it once, and now I have been told that they are discontinued production. I have cleared away the original seal material and applied Permatex sealant, and it worked for about 15000KM and it is leaking again. Have anyone got any luck using sealant as a solution? There are refurbished alloy covers that available, and it seems both the factory and refurbished units are lined with a sealant also. Or have anyone tried cutting a gasket for this? I have no issues with the other 3 valve covers, with the exception to the most rearward one. Any proven way to fix this if the original ones are no longer available? Thanks.
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Re: 3.0 V6 valve covers....

Post by xantia_v6 »

The original sealant used by the factory is Loctite 5910. https://www.henkel-adhesives.com/nz/en ... _5910.html

Due to the shape of the edge of the covers, you need to use quite a thick bead in this application. I have done a number of these over the years, and provided that it is laid on with the correct thickness, I have never had one leak again. I clean both sides of the joint , put the sealant on the cover, wait a few minutes for the surface of the sealant to start to cure, smear some clean oil on the other face and then tighten down.

There is also another joint between the casting that the camshaft sits on and the cylinder head itself. These can also leak, causing similar symptoms. A thin bead of the same sealant is used there. viewtopic.php?t=37551