C5 suspension pump replacement

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C5 suspension pump replacement

Post by Citroen1234 »


I have a 2001 Citroen C5 2.0 petrol hatchback and have a faulty hydractive suspension pump. The current one has the following specs:


H1 and ind 02. Can someone tell me what these markings mean? I am also wondering if pumps with other markings such as H2, ind 00 or ind 03, are compatible with my car.
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Re: C5 suspension pump replacement

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Those markings aren't part numbers. The suspension ECU is incorporated into the BHI and is configured for each specific vehicle. If it is just the pump, you may be able to replace the pump only and use your existing ECU, but if changing the ECU, you may need to have it configured with a Lexia / Diagbox if it is not from an identical model with the same part number.

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Re: C5 suspension pump replacement

Post by cit-rotti »

Hi there,
the motor from the BHI can be repaired or replaced with a functioning motor from another BHI.
If the control unit is not from an identical vehicle, it can / must be assigned by diagnosis - however, the control unit is very rarely defective.
The hydraulic unit can be overhauled.
Citroen doesn't do that - they can only swap assemblies.
Some interesting links on this:
Citroen BHI repair + hydraulics

Greetings Wolfgang
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