Nearside sliding door doesn’t unlock

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Nearside sliding door doesn’t unlock

Post by Ladyvandriver »

I’m hoping someone can enlighten me. My nearside sliding door doesn’t unlock with my key fob. I can hear the click when the van locks but when I unlock the van that sliding door doesn’t make any sound to unlock.
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Re: Nearside sliding door doesn’t unlock

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi and welcome.

This may be the 'selective' locking feature. It is used to protect access to parts of the van you may not be present in.

The options are either total unlocking of the van or only the side and rear doors (keeping the cab locked).

Look for this button on the dash somewhere:
button Dispatch.PNG
You can toggle the modes by:

Turning the ignition on and pressing this button for more than 2 seconds - the light will come on to show you have selective locking enabled.
Repeat the operation (the light on the button will switch off) to return to full vehicle unlocking.

If it's not this and you have full locking enabled, then there may well be a fault - possibly with one of the contacts on the side door that will need looking at / further investigation.