Peugeot 207 gearbox code via servicebox

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Peugeot 207 gearbox code via servicebox

Post by dbdb2000 »

I am trying to find the gearbox code for my peugeot 207, using servicebox with an account seems to be difficult to find the basic information without a subscription. Does A7F 2 22A12A narrow it down via the parts list or is it best to go directly off the vin code?

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Re: Peugeot 207 gearbox code via servicebox

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Hi, and welcome to the forum.

Best to go into SB and use the VIN number to get to your vehicle.
Then hit Characteristics (on the left), and you should see factory-fitted detail, including the g/box type.
Hitting Mechanical, then Gearbox (or Transmission) should take you to the relevant parts diagrams.

If still stuck, shout!

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Re: Peugeot 207 gearbox code via servicebox

Post by GiveMeABreak »

You won't get it without a subscription - parts are all behind a paywall now as you have discovered. We can help, but also require a £10 Forum donation to cover our costs - but it will cover you for up to 2 years of parts requests if that is any good to you.

Details below if interested:
A response to your question by a Forum Admin will require detailed vehicle information that requires you to have made a current contribution to the Forum.

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