Peugeot 407 Cooling Fan P4095 Fan Speed High

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Peugeot 407 Cooling Fan P4095 Fan Speed High

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I recently had the AC serviced after it had been off the road for a while, the high speed fan kicked in and no problems with the AC however the fan was very noisey and causing vibrations. I removed the fan and as I supected the bearing had gone. I've now fitted an after market fan but now I'm getting a P4095 no high fan. Neither of the fan actuator tests work, there is battery voltage at the relay and on the other connector.

So the high fan was working proving the integrity of the circuit the only difference at the moment is that the bumper is on the floor with the foglight circuit disconnected and a new aftermarket fan has been connected. I doubt that the foglight circuit would impact on the fan circuit the only other thing could be some sort of compatiblity issue with the fan or the new fan is defective. I would like to confirm that this new fan actually works as I said there is voltage but thats all.

I really would like some advice and guidence how to proceed and what to test.

I look forward to your advice.


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Re: Peugeot 407 Cooling Fan P4095 Fan Speed High

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Parts! Are you sure you have the correct part. These vehicles have different fan units / speeds depending on engine and options. If you have an incompatible fan unit with the vehicles systems then it won't work.

The fan should kick in on Low speed when the A/C is switched on. High speed is dependent upon the engine temperature, but usually does not kick in until the engine is extremely hot. I think your version should have the 150W electric fan for manual or 160W if you have an automatic Gearbox.