That million pound house draw

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That million pound house draw

Post by Gibbo2286 »

My old friend asked about the Omaze draw that's being widely promoted on tv and online, a £million house in Devon the prize, free entry to the draw...........but. I had a look, you can have one entry by postcard free then there are options to buy multiple entries.

It's supposed to be a charity draw for the NSPCC.

Looked for the small print this is the main part:

Omaze is the promoter of the Devon House Draw with NSPCC being the charitable beneficiary, registered charity number (216401) in England and Wales and (SC037717) in Scotland. 80% of the net proceeds of the draw will go to the charity, with Omaze being paid 20%. It is expected that approximately £500,000 will be raised for the charity, which would mean Omaze being paid £125,000. Irrespective of sales, Omaze has guaranteed a minimum total payment of £100,000 for the charity. No purchase necessary. The Devon House Draw closes on 26th September 2021.
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Re: That million pound house draw

Post by mickthemaverick »

Those numbers show a breakdown of profit!! Presumably then the total income expected is that £625,000 + the costs of the prize and the advertising. That would suggest an expected income of at least 3.65 million yet the charity only gets half a million. Be much more beneficial if the ticket buyers just donated to the charity!!! Oh silly me, nobody woukd make a fast buck then, would they? :twisted: