2013 Peugeot 508 RT6 audio/multimedia system

This unit is the eMyWay system, also referred to as RT6, RNEG2, or WIPNAV+ for the Peugeot platform and made by Magneti Marelli.
Main Features: The eMyWay colour satellite navigation has high resolution mapping, Bluetooth Telephone & Audio Streaming supported profiles, USB support for Media files & CD

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2013 Peugeot 508 RT6 audio/multimedia system

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I am a new kid on the block & searching for some answers to my now DEAD 2013 508 RT6 audio/multimedia system.
I have looked thru your posts & there what appears to be different RT6 systems (Drive Units) for different vehicles - I note there was mention of an SD card change plus firmware update etc?
Local Peugeot dealer advised they would order a new Drive Unit from France at a large cost. I note there appears to be problems with this system mainly in UK/Europe.

I have had some correspondence with Karim Dehmous Peugeot & Citroen Sat Nav Solutions but don't wish to go down that route until I have exhausted other possible avenues.
I have no knowledge of the physical shape or workings of these drive units & have yet to obtain access. I am hope to obtain a Pug 508 manual extract & part number tomorrow.

So I am probable seeking some guidance in my problem within my limitations?

Thanking you

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Re: 2013 Peugeot 508 RT6 audio/multimedia system

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1) The RT6 units come ins several hardware versions - those that support a factory-fitted rear reversing camera are the later versions and those that do not. So ensure you get a compatible unit depending on your vehicle's original.
2) There is no Hard Drove in these units. It uses an internal micros SD for the operating system and the memory cells can wear out over time. Other issues can be motherboard related.
3) PSA do not repair them.. They can either send them off to be repaired at the Clarion Centre UK - or will order a new unit.
4) It is important to ascertain what the issue is - is it the Head Unit or the Multifunction Display first of all.
5) Be aware that if attempting to resolve the issue yourself, the firmware version 2.86 can in many cases lock the ECU into secure mode that requires a dealer to unlock and configure via PSA servers. Otherwise functionality and features can become unavailable.

For official current PSA parts data, we can help you with this, but as we are charged by PSa, we ask members for a min £10 Forum donation which will cover you for any future parts request for up to 2 years. Details below if this will help you, then just pop up your VIN (automatically masked from public view on post submission)
A response to your question by a Forum Admin will require detailed vehicle information that requires you to have made a current contribution to the Forum.

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