C5 (X7) Additive filter pump part problem

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C5 (X7) Additive filter pump part problem

Post by CGXIII »

Hello! I've had my Citroen C5 x7 1.6 e-HDi for quite a while now (7 years).
Yesterday my engine warning came on, and my robotised gearbox no longer works in auto-mode, meaning I have to shift manually. Not only that, but my engine revs are limited to 3000rpm.
I went to my local service and they have diagnosed the car saying my additive filter pump is not properly working. They have also told me that this pump can only be bought together with the Eolys tank, which would bring service costs at around 500 euros.
My question is, does anybody know what is the pump part code so I can begin searching for it independently? I can provide VIN number. Any other opinions are welcome if you can help me with this problem.
Thanks in advance and have a nice day!

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Re: C5 (X7) Additive filter pump part problem

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Hi, please note that we can provide live part numbers for you, but that requires a min £10 Forum donation (as PSA charge for this data now) which will cover you for part numbers for up to 2 years. Details below and links if you want to go ahead.
A response to your question by a Forum Admin will require detailed vehicle information that requires you to have made a current contribution to the Forum.

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