Who is 'checking out' YOUR stuff?

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Who is 'checking out' YOUR stuff?

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I am creating this post to warn people to watch out for their stuff. This weekend my neighbour was working on his bicycles, in his back garden (which is not visible from the main road). However, the back garden is overlooked by several houses (my bedroom, for example, has a clear view). This morning I noticed that his garden shed door was hanging off the hinges. I have spoken to him, and nothing was taken (yet), but the screws were taken from the hinges. It looks like something may have disturbed the 'thieves', but I have offered to help move his stuff from the shed to the house, as well as offering to lend him my dash cam (while I am on my weekend) to watch the shed. My neighbour is going to get some plates to protect the hinges, as well as something to protect the lock.

My neighbour also had heard some noises from the FRONT of the house around midnight, when he looked out there were two people in the driveway next door (they were not visible from the road), and when they saw my neighbour they left the driveway, one going one way, the other going the the way. My neighbour has contacted the Police (about everything), but they have said there isn't anything they can do.
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Re: Who is 'checking out' YOUR stuff?

Post by Gibbo2286 »

I think the cops will be doing something if only watching you area more carefully over the next few weeks.

It must be very difficult to police all the closely built urban localities, you would need a copper or two on every street.

There are thieving toe rags everywhere, my neighbour had his wheelbarrow taken from the garden, just when he needed it most. :(

Sheds are favourite targets, tools and bikes are easy to sell on via the Google and Ebay type sites. or in the pub.
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Re: Who is 'checking out' YOUR stuff?

Post by mickthemaverick »

I don't know how your neighbour contacted the police James but if it was by telephone advise him to send them an email of the report. That way, should the worst happen, he will be able to prove to his insurance company that he had done more than might be expected to protect his property and thus avoid them refusing to payout on the grounds of negligence by the policyholder! :)