Xantia passed it's MOT

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Xantia passed it's MOT

Post by peter306 »

After renewing both lower steering bearings, drop links and the new ABS sensor that i buggered doing one of the bearings my Xantia has another year of life :-D
Had to take both hub carriers off to crack the (probably original) bearings and hit one with the angle grinder, it just laughed at the lump hammer and cold chisel, bit of welding on the lower rear sill which i will tidy up later and a new wiper blade(yes I forgot to check it) and got it back today. :)

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Re: Xantia passed it's MOT

Post by CitroJim »

Magic :D Well done!

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Re: Xantia passed it's MOT

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:beer: :beer: :beer: :bl: :bl:

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Re: Xantia passed it's MOT

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That's two of us! Well almost!