Xantia S1 central locking

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Xantia S1 central locking

Post by froggy »

Hi, my S1 Xantia, the central locking seems to have a mind of its own! as soon as I lock the car , it starts locking and unlocking on its own, for about 6 times! The drivers door has now locked itself and wont open! anyone any ideas? new one on me, cheers Terry. [-o<

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Re: Xantia S1 central locking

Post by wheeler »

Pull back the carpet in the NSF footwell & check for water/dampness in the big 30 way connector. One of the main problems you get with water in there is central locking/alarm problems.
If its wet its normally caused by a poorly sealed windscreen scuttle panel.
Worth a quick look first.

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Re: Xantia S1 central locking

Post by admiral51 »

Was convinced the ECu/conector was under the carpet but could not find a post about it lol
If the door is deadlocked will it open on the key if the battery is disconnected ?
If it is not the connector could it be a broken wire or 2 in the car to door loom ?