Drivers seat 206

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Drivers seat 206

Post by Foxies »

Hi just taken out my drivers seat on my 206 2004 because it was not locking on one side when moving back and forward. I found this piece in the runner ( picture below) it looks intact but I don't know how it fits can anyone help. Thanks for looking.

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Re: Drivers seat 206

Post by Paul-R »

Been some time since I took the seats out of our old Xsara but that looks like the clip that goes on to the wire frame and then holds a wiring loom in position. Could easily be wrong though.

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Re: Drivers seat 206

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I can only think that it may be off the side of the seat rails - where the grab bar is lifted to slide the seat back - if you follow the bar under the seat it will attach to each side of the rails. There does seem to be some sort of attachment mechanism but the available images are too small to match it to the picture.

That picture would seem to have a metal pin inside the fixing - has the bar on your seat broken off or is it loose on one side? Has it sheared off from the metal pin in the picture?