Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

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Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

Post by das_x7 »

Hello. My name is Dani and I'm from Madrid. I have a Citroen C5 X7, 2.0 hdi, 136 HP from 2009 with automatic gearbox. I really love this car but the suspension is not working well. First it started blowing away the well known fuse. After a diagnostic in local Citroen workshop the diagnostic was a bad suspension pump. Because I can't afford a new one I've deciden to mount a second hand one. Now the car isn't fall down but instead it is high on front axle causing a very annoying noise (I guess because is too high). Also the steering wheel sensor is not recognize the pump and the pump can not be linked with the car via Lexia. Tired of this problems I want to change the hydractive suspension with a classic one. Is this posible? Anyone has tryed it? Thank you.

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Re: Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

Post by GiveMeABreak »

It's not just the suspension you'll need to replace - you will need to replace the LDS tank with the smaller reservoir for the Power Steering fluid too if you are going to remove all the hydraulic systems.

Going back to your pump - if you have not bought a compatible (exact same part number) BHI then you will have problems as these are different depending on engine, body version and other factors.

You may also have a faulty height corrector if it is not moving - or if there is a fault with the BHI then all height correction is suspended and it will remain at the height it was before the problem started.

I think you might be better off, getting a compatible BHI, and possibly getting the dealer to fit it if you are not confident and they can also undertake the height correction procedure for you.

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Re: Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

Post by xantia_v6 »

If you still have the original pump that was removed from your car, you should be able to transfer the electronics module onto the replacement pump, to fix any compatibility errors.

It does seem that your front height sensor has been disturbed while the work was done.

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Re: Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

Post by Paul-R »

You might have to look at your headlamps as well. If they're HID lamps with self-levelling they might be OK but if they're standard halogen then they will need to be changed/modified to have motor adjustment and the adjusting switch fitted to the steering column cowl. I've no idea if the wiring is already in place but that might need to be fitted/fabricated as well.

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Re: Conversión hydractive suspension to a mechanic one?!?

Post by baustromverteiler »

Did you ever have a leaky LDS-Tank?

Some pumps keep blowing the fuse because there is a rather nasty mixture of lds and the dust of the motor brushes building up a conductive goop that keeps shorting the pump. After a good cleaning the chances are your pumps works fine again (without spending 1000s)