Xantia rear arm bearings again.

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Xantia rear arm bearings again.

Post by aerodynamica »

Hi all, 4 years ago I changed the rear bearings on the xantia and all was well for years but lately the driver side rear bearing has been creaking.... it may be that time again.

Last time was here: viewtopic.php?t=55426&start=75

One questing though, at the time Mandrake mentioned the shims that you recover and refit to the thrust bearings. Last time though, they're were no shims and I'm now wondering if there should have been? Maybe that's why it's showing signs of failure after only 4years?

Does anyone have the dimensions that these shims use and how to check whether they are needed?
Graeme M
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Re: Xantia rear arm bearings again.

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Hi Graeme,

There is info about the shimming sizes in the Private Cars mechanic's booklets...

publication 1996_505960_AX_ZX_Xantia_XM (hit Xantia, 1996 in the table)
printed page 198

also similar (less detail) in 2001_050008_Xantia_XM_Evasion
printed page 219

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