Repairing battery clamps

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Repairing battery clamps

Post by CitroenCrazy »

I've just changed this loom on my recently acquired Xantia because part of the battery clamp has been damaged. It's the bit from the positive terminal on the battery to the alternator, starter motor and underbonnet fuses.
They seem prone to this type of failure. On the previous Xantia I bought, both terminals had been broken. Fortunately, I had spares to to replace them properly, but now I have none left
Battery tray 01.JPG
In theory, the lead could be melted off the end and a new terminal cast in place. I just wondered, has anyone has ever enccountered a way of repairing something like this that retains the OEM look ?
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Re: Repairing battery clamps

Post by CitroJim »

Casting a new one should be very possible...

It should be possible to sand cast one if you have a decent example as a template...

I always used to cast my own lead sea fishing weights when I was a youngster...

Maybe plain lead will not be hard enough... It may need to be a lead alloy...

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Re: Repairing battery clamps

Post by white exec »

The original lead clamps are crimped on to the cable strands, and do lose their grip over time. They're not air-tight, and the strands also oxidise (blacken), and a resistance builds up. Symptom is poor starting, and the clamps getting warm/hot when cranking.

Personally, I'd go for bolt-down brass clamps as replacements. Always possible to paint them grey (or anodize?) for an OE look.
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Re: Repairing battery clamps

Post by Steve Walsh »

I have always used these. Top quality ... ccessories
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