Who's spending your money?

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Who's spending your money?

Post by Gibbo2286 »

At the entrance to the village where my business was, Clearwell, I just noticed they've erected a pole with one of those illuminated signs that tells you what speed you're travelling at, you know it flashes up signals 30-31-32 etc.

The village is an endless chicane of parked cars and to go more than thirty is just about impossible except in the middle of the night.

I'm told these gadgets cost about ten grand each, what a waste of money.

Lydney, my nearest town, has a twenty mph speed limit through all the main street, they've just spent, I'm told. a million quid marking it out for cycle lanes which make the road too narrow for cars going in opposite directions to pass without clashing mirrors, cyclists are a near unknown in the town.

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Re: Who's spending your money?

Post by CitroJim »

Ten Grand for one of those :shock: That's outrageous... Someone is indeed making a bit of a profit from them...

Bedfordshire has loads... I love riding past them on my bike to see if I can trigger them off...

One thing I do know is they all read fast. Compared to my Garmin GPS speedo that is...

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Re: Who's spending your money?

Post by Michel »

They used to have one not far from the MOT place I always used that flashed your speed up if you were going too fast.

Someone I know, ahem, discovered it doesn’t even register if you go past it at 90.