Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

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Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by eskerman »

I’ve been offered a 2001 2L HDI Xantia that’s been lying in dry storage for a few years and I’m tempted to take it on - and save if from the crusher. I have owned XMs and CXs and a Xantia before and I found the Xantia 2L HDI very good.

The car is one owner from new 120k with a full Citroen history - belt at pump done at 100k - it was parked up and battery removed and covered up. I put a battery in it some fresh diesel and I can’t get it to start - it will start with a squirt of easy start and that’s it - I have checked for fuel at the injectors and that’s fine - I’m wondering if it’s an immobiliser or crank sensor problem - my OB2 code reader won’t communicate with the ECU so don’t know what codes are on it

Any ideas or pointers i can follow up on - the car is worth saving IMO

Thanks in advance

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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by CitroJim »

That's a great find! Looks well worth saving :)

An OBD2 Code Reader will not work on this car...

You need to get it diagnosed using a Lexia. It's likely to give you some positive pointers as to the area of the problem...

Otherwise it's little more than a guessing game with a low probability of success...

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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by CitroenCrazy »

When you turn the key to the 2nd position, do you hear a hum for a second or so from the lift pump in the tank ?
Other suggestion, the engine ecu is easily accessible. It might be worth checking all the pins are clean.
Just remove the front engine cover. ECU is in the box by the 2 slot-head plastic fasteners
Otherwise, as Sir Jim says, it's Lexia time

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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Try isolating the fuel system, i.e. use a can of diesel and a hose right at the filter outlet to the pump thus eliminating faults in all the stuff between the tank and filter.

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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by admiral51 »

Ok just a quick daft question from me as usual.
i assume that with easy start used it starts and runs until switched off but will not restart ?
As CitroenCrazy asks above do you hear the fuel pump priming, if not then i would give the tank a slap from underneath to try and see if the pump starts.


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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by Hell Razor5543 »

I wonder if the brown 'sludge' that occurs in diesel (there are microbes that thrive in diesel) has blocked up the fuel pickup? Could be worth investigating.

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Re: Sleeper Xantia 2L HDI

Post by stevestix8 »

Hi Eskerman,

Firstly, I have got a 98 Xantia SX H.D.i. 2L and have to say ive never been so impressed by any other car. Have kept mine going for 10 years now and it is 22 yrs old this year.

I have happily done alot of work myself in the 10 years, but the most recent was a new starting motor (original was Mitsubishi). Cost me about £50 (brand new) and it fitted well (scuffed hands). The old motor had worn out and the copper coil inside was burning out. Nice fix and the car starts like new, put new battery and brass lumps on the cable heads too.

In response to your problem, if it starts (with easy start) then it isnt a big problem and not electrical or immobilser.

When you turn key you should hear bubbling sound from electric fuel pump as the pump fills up and 'primes'. Are you hearing this?

Otherwise mine does love a good blat for a few hours to warm it up properly, the hdi injector cleaner also works well.