2009 Peugeot 407sw Biturbo and recommended oil.

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2009 Peugeot 407sw Biturbo and recommended oil.

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Greetings from France .... ...
I have a 2009 Peugeot 407SW 2.2l biturbo estate ... it has 147K kms on the clock and runs like a rocket on the major highways in France, especially when the Gendarmes aren't paying attention!
I'm up for an oil change this week - having already done one already; had the car less than a year. I'm using the best 5w-30 low SAPS oil I can find locally, Shell Helix Ultra ECT C3 5w-30, so please let's not get into an oil discussion. The Diesel here is low sulphur and an ACEA C2/C3, MB 229.51, VW 504.00 / 507.00 standard and approvals is better than anything Peugeot can put in there ...
Somehow ... beyond me seemingly arrogant intro to the post, (please excuse me) ... I have the urge to use a ECT 5w-40 oil in this vehicle. Here's my thinking on it and by all means jump right in there with yeas or nays:
A "normal" 2.2L engine (without DPF and turbos) would be smooth as silk using a synthetic 5w40 oil.
1) So ... with a DPF system and Cat converter added; would it be ok to use a synthetic ECT 5w-40 with cert and approvals mentioned above?
2) Is a synthetic 5w40 oil too thick for the twin turbos - remembering that the turbos operate separately from each other, one kicking in at 2,500 rpm and the other kicking in at 3,000 rpm, thereby offering a smooth increase in power when needed.

My main concern is when the turbos are cold and/or hotter than Guy Fawkes's pants: do the turbos and related gear absolutely need a thinner oil. Thinner oil does have more flow, I think, but please indulge me in the 5w40 that I would assume would provide a quieter ride and better engine protection for the long run.

See; clear as mud!
Let's hear it ... there are thousands of 407 owners waiting for your replies!