New 307 SW owner

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New 307 SW owner

Post by jamesleeharris »

Hi all after lurking for long enough I've decided to post something.
After nearly 13 years of sharing good lady's 307 I've bought myself one. I picked up a 2004 307 SW xsi hdi 136.
I'm very happy so far , it's far from perfect which is good. It gives me something to tinker with.
Touch wood everything major is ok just minor bits of trim and wear and tear to sort.
That's all for now when I do get round to fixing or replacing something I'll post it until then I'll continue lurking lol.

P.s I've tried to attach an image not sure if it worked or not , if it hasn't could someone please let me know how to do that. Many thanks

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Re: New 307 SW owner

Post by NewcastleFalcon »

jamesleeharris wrote:
31 Aug 2020, 17:00
Hi all after lurking for long enough I've decided to post something.
Welcome James, just noticed your to get a second one in straight away to get you in the swing of things... :-D

..and great don't even have to have a problem that needs sorting with your car to join in. The picture worked just fine so the thread Pictures of the Day is the easiest to kick off with. Anything goes, and there is no threshhold for standard of photography as I myself have proved on many occasions.

From your details you are a man of Kent....we have recently had a delve into Petts Wood on the forum which isnt far away, and the old Art-Deco Peugeot Garage at Maidstone has also featured.. have a little paddle around these posts to make you feel at home....




Regards Neil
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Re: New 307 SW owner

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi and :welc: James

As Neil said, now you've dipped your toe in the water it's time to jump in up to the waist!! I see you have been lurking for 6 weeks or so and there is plenty of great help and advice on here and lots of entertainment to get involved in. As well as the links Neil has put up, have a look around from the board index above and join in whatever takes your fancy. We have a great bunch on here and get into many entertaining subjects. :) :)