Bluetooth radio not remembering pairing

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Bluetooth radio not remembering pairing

Post by Peter Palmer »

I've asked this question on the Berlingo forum (even though we have a dispatch) but didn't get any replies so I'll give it a go here. We have a 2015 Dispatch van, the enterprise model and the factory radio won't remember the bluetooth pairing with our phones all of a sudden, it used to work fine although it was still a bit of a faf with two separate phones linked to it but all of a sudden you need to enter the paring code every time you want to connect your phone either to make a call or play music. It still remembers the radio presets though so its not as if its losing power, when you go into the bluetooth menu it just says no phones are paired where as previously it even had the details of the previous owners phones.

We even had the battery off the other week for a few hours as we needed it to start another car so that would have done a re-set I presume if one was required.

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Re: Bluetooth radio not remembering pairing

Post by admiral51 »

Just thinking aloud but is the head unit software up to date and or have the phones been updated with software, it could be an issue with one or both running on incompatable software ?

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Re: Bluetooth radio not remembering pairing

Post by GiveMeABreak »

I suspect this is a problem with the hands free unit if fitted. Pop your VIN up and I'll see what system you have fitted.