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Post by Stevepolly »

Has anyone a vgate maxiscan? Is it any good.
Car is a 2012 c3 picasso 1.6 hdi.
Cheers Steve.
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Re: Scanner

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Most people here use Diagbox, which is the proprietary software along with the Actia VCI for their PSA vehicles.
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Re: Scanner

Post by Paul-R »

I can honestly say I've never heard of a vgate maxiscan so had to Google for it. According to one seller it "Only Detects Engine Faults" so wouldn't be any good for all the other ECUs on the car. I'd be doubtful if it could get deep down and dirty even with engines - could it code in a new injector for instance?

As Marc says, most of us here use Diagbox with Actia which, to get a decent one, will cost over £100. Be careful if you find ones significantly cheaper as you need an interface which is "full chip" and has "Rev C" firmware. One supplier, Easydiagnostics, offers regular members here (you may not yet qualify as one of those) a discount if you follow the instructions here viewtopic.php?t=60112