thudding noise

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thudding noise

Post by axe »

thanks for letting me join.
i have a 2002 xsara picasso 2.0 hdi and when i drive it has started to make a thudding noise like a flat tyre.
all tyre pressures are fine put the front end on stands and started engine and put in gear.
noise was still there.
with the wheel spinning i stopped the n/s wheeel no difference but stops when the o/s wheel stops.
taken the o/s wheel off and noise has stopped completely.
the hub rotates freely with no noise or play.
could this be something has silly as the wheel becoming unbalanced?

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Re: thudding noise

Post by moizeau »

Brake disc? Did you check it with the wheel off and engine running in gear? You've already done this method but be sure to chock wheels and use axle stands.

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Re: thudding noise

Post by Gibbo2286 »

Are there any polished bits on the suspension strut or other parts that a bulge on the tyre could be rubbing against and have you had a good feel around the tyre sidewalls for bulges?

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Re: thudding noise

Post by Pug_XUD_KeenAmateur »

switch the front wheels left to right, if the thudding noise is now on the left, you've found your culprit.

Also, if the hub's spinning with no wheel on it, and you're intending stopping it, probably using the Brakes, have at least two wheel bolts in it, nipped up loosely
(elsewise you'll likely damage the screws that hold the Disc to the Hub, coz they can't withstand the braking force on their own)

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Re: thudding noise

Post by oscar »

Hi They do seem wheel/tyre fussy.
Check tyre for carcass damage also turn it round by hand and check things like flat spots!
Had one from breakers as needed a tyre came on alloy rim but has a sort of flat spot and tyres going like porous there!
Sounded awful when driving could feel the bump bump yet don't look much at all when look at it.
Does yours have the spring check plate add on? it bolts round strut and cups base of spring to stop prodding tyre if breaks! that can drop or if tyres gone out of round rub

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Re: thudding noise

Post by wheeler »

oscar wrote:
12 Jul 2020, 20:10
Does yours have the spring check plate add on? it bolts round strut and cups base of spring to stop prodding tyre if breaks!
Thats what its meant to do anyway, the force of the spring breaking just forces them off a lot of the time.