Engine timing failed & fixed but lots of problem after

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Engine timing failed & fixed but lots of problem after

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Hi guys,
I’ll try to keep this post short and if needed I’ll update with more details.

Long story short, I didn’t change the engine timing when I supposed to do and I failed me while driving. I sent the car to service auto and they fixe it but something happened cause now It does a lot of problems and they can’t figure it out.

Attached there is 2 pictures with the error codes
They managed to start the car but after 2-3min it stops.
After the change of the rail fuel pressure sensor (after the engine starts instead of 300bar it goes all the way up to 1500 :O and the car stops because of the high pressure ) the ECU engine error appears and said that there is no start authorizations.
It seems that there is a problem with start authorization but after they fix it it reappears the supply problem.

Any ideas?