Clutch cable discontinued!!

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Clutch cable discontinued!!

Post by torrinbonney123 »

Hiya this is a long shot and these forums are our last hope. We have a Citroen relay 2001 2.5 diesel that's been converted in a campervan, this has cost alot of money to do! The clutch cable has snapped and everywhere we've looked has said the type of clutch cable we need has been discontinued. We've tried ebay ECT but cannot find one any where any help would he fab!!

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Re: Clutch cable discontinued!!

Post by xantia_v6 »

Welcome to the forum.

There are companies who can repair or make custom clutch cables. Try and/or . I have heard that speedy are a bit slow these days...

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Re: Clutch cable discontinued!!

Post by Gibbo2286 »

I've got three new old stock clutch cables on my shelf, don't know what they fit but if you can tell me the dimensions I'll have a compare.

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Re: Clutch cable discontinued!!

Post by white exec »

Hi Torrin,

A good few clutch cables for Relay, depending on exact engine, gearbox type and LHD/RHD.
Some still listed as available, others not.

If you'd like an Part No. search, pop up your VIN, and the usual donation.
Happy to do this if it helps.
The part number could also help in looking for an aftermarket cable.
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