DS5 reverse lights problem

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DS5 reverse lights problem

Post by zundapp »

My daughter's DS5 suffered a broken rear lamp assembly due to a wind-blown shopping trolley hitting it. I fitted a new replacement light unit and everything works fine - except for the reversing lights. It was very wet weather before I fitted the replacement and I noticed that the reverse lamp location was half-full of water, and this has presumably blown the reverse-lamp fuse.

Problem - where is the reverse-lamp fuse located? Is there one? It's been suggested that it isn't fused and that the reverse switch is the issue - which would seem odd. The owner's manual is less than helpful... I've checked all the fuses under the bonnet - they appear ok and I've checked about half the fuses in the glovebox (with great difficulty) due to the very tight access. I'd like reassurance that the reverse lamp fuse is actually in this location before I try to check any more.

Knowledgeable advice required!


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Re: DS5 reverse lights problem

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In order to provide you with the technical response you want, we will need the VIN and to consult the correct electrical diagram, which means looking up certain chargeable information:
A response to your question will require detailed vehicle information that requires you to have made a current contribution to the Forum.

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