C4 MK2 Drivers door Check strap

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C4 MK2 Drivers door Check strap

Post by NAM »

When I open the drivers door there is a "clunk" and after spraying oil and grease onto the hinge and check strap I think that the issue is with the check strap - I held it and felt the clunk.
So, is this an easy job - one part goes into the door so do you heave to remove door panels. Has anyone else had the same or similar and how did you resolve? I think that a might need a new drop link as there is a little rattle so maybe this is also a job for a garage?
Any tips or comments much appreciated.

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Re: C4 MK2 Drivers door Check strap

Post by gwest »

I'm surprised that you had no responses to what appears to be a common problem with Peugeots and Citroens going back over many years. There are many YouTube clips showing how people tackled it. I have the same problem on my 2013 DS5 and will leave it until it starts rattling when I'm driving it. But yes the door card has to come off so you need to know where to prise covers off to expose screws. And you will need to break the seal of the inner plastic waterproofing membrane, and reseal it. Removing the check strap itself seems to be straight forward. But I am surprised that PSA did not address this problem.

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Re: C4 MK2 Drivers door Check strap

Post by Paul-R »

If the door strap is the same or similar to the Xsara that preceded it then check the screws that hold the strap on to the A-post are tight. If they are loose a little bit then opening and closing the door gives a sharp "crack" noise.

Just noticed this is from last February! @NAM hope that the problem was sorted.