Xantia X2 1.6i (greece) Hello!!

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Nick Orfanidis
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Xantia X2 1.6i (greece) Hello!!

Post by Nick Orfanidis »

Hello everyone! I own a xantia x2 with 1.6i engine. The car is not at a very good condition, because , all these years, my mother had this car. Now, I have a family, she doesn't need such a big vehicle, so I took it , and trying to fix everything, one small thing at a time. Besides the outfit condition (bumpers full of scratches) the engine is ok, but the return hoses (octapus) of the hydropneymatic circuit, start to crack. So when this happens, I replace the exact hose , with 60bar air hose, and connectors. The best would be to replace them with pa11 hoses (industry hoses for pneymatic machines), that would last for a lifetime. In this forum I found so much gathered information! I'm sure that, whatever I 'll need , you'll inform me, correctly! The only thing that this forum is missing (my opinion, always) is photographs in each subject (especially at direction threats). But I think it is the most massive forum for the french cars , worldwide!

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Re: Xantia X2 1.6i (greece) Hello!!

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Hi and welcome Nick.

Al lot of information has been built up over 20 years by members and not all of them had access to smartphones back then - so photos were a lot more involved. Unfortunately there's nothing that can be done with historical posts, unless the member goes back and updates it themselves. Unfortunately, the Xantia is becoming harder to get parts for now, so it's not likely that these older posts will be updated.

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Re: Xantia X2 1.6i (greece) Hello!!

Post by white exec »

Hi Nick,

The hoses which make up the 'octopus' are all very low pressure Return ones, with one exception: the one that leads across the engine compartment, and supplies the HP pump.

This one is not high pressure either, but is under suction from the pump. It is very important that it has sound air-tight joints at both ends, otherwise air can get sucked in, and cause problems for both steering and suspension.

Try to use perfectly circular clips at both ends of this, and not the normal stiff worm-type 'jubilee' clips, which usually have a flat section under the screw, and are not good on small diameter hoses.

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Re: Xantia X2 1.6i (greece) Hello!!

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