How to remove the undercover - c5 x7

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How to remove the undercover - c5 x7

Post by atr »

I've managed to remove the battery tray and now I have access to the gearbox, but before opening the cover, I have to drain the fluid in the gearbox. as you well know - the draining plug located at the bottom of the gearbox and in order to reach it, the undercover needs to be removed. from crawling under the vehicle, it seems to be quite a large piece. I want to avoid dismantling unnecessary parts, so I'm asking for your help to find a guide (if exists) that describes this procedure or if any of the members has done it and willing to share his experience.
btw - I've found nothing on Youtube.
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Re: How to remove the undercover - c5 x7

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Avi - I've put a guide up on the 'How To' section for the Draining & Refilling the AL4 Gearbox:

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Re: How to remove the undercover - c5 x7

Post by Peter.N. »

There are usually some fittings missing, mainly the turn buckles. You can get a new set of from Ebay for not much money.

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