C2 3dr 2004 Drivers Door Lock

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C2 3dr 2004 Drivers Door Lock


Hi, my daughter has a 2004 C2 3 dr, the same key unlocks her drivers door and the ignition, the door lock needs to be replaced as its worn, she has no remote for the car.
Can the drivers door lock just be replaced? i know she will have 2 seperate keys
Only replacement locks and keys i have found are for the passenger side (no lock on her car on that side) .
Can i fit a passenger lock into the drivers door side?

Thanks for your help
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Re: C2 3dr 2004 Drivers Door Lock

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If you can post up the VIN (it will auto hide) we can check what is fitted, and get part nos for replacements. It might be possible get a lock from Citroen with the correct key - for a price!!
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Re: C2 3dr 2004 Drivers Door Lock

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The locks are standard on the 3 door range:

Part numbers form Citroen:
9170W3 Left Lock
9170W4 Right Lock

These are currently priced @ £58.08 each inc. VAT and the key combination is specified on order (so you can use your existing key). But the fitting is another issue.....