C5 hdi 2006 Window Incremental closing

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C5 hdi 2006 Window Incremental closing

Post by boristhespie »


Just reset the bios of the car because central locking wasn't working. Sorted that but prior to this problem the drivers window stopped closing in one. Instead I have to press the window button multiple times as it raises two inches ir so and stops. I tried using the bios reset to reset the window. Raise it to top before trying to lower it and keep finger pulliblng button at end for 10 secs but to no avail. The thing goes up but not great when driving to have to put it up in about ten stages. Any ideas?
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Re: C5 hdi 2006 Window Incremental closing

Post by myglaren »

May be coincidental. The guides get a bit 'tight' and a squirt of silicone lubricant in the guides can help.
Worth a few more attempts with the anti-pinch reset procedure though.
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Re: C5 hdi 2006 Window Incremental closing

Post by GiveMeABreak »

Make sure you have followed the BSI procedure correctly: failure to do so will not solve anything.

BSI Reset / Battery Disconnect / Reconnect Procedure

If you have done this, then make sure you reinitialise the anti pinch systems on the windows:

Lower window, then raise window. If it stops, release the button then raise again in steps until it fully shuts. When it has reached the top, release the button, then lift the button to raise the window again until you hear a soft click, then release. It should only take a second or 2. Don't hold it up any longer than is necessary or it will deactivate for thermal protection.