Eco mode not cutting out when declutching

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Eco mode not cutting out when declutching

Post by skenyon »

My 2015 308sw has developed a problem: the eco-mode comes on when stationery but the engine does not restart when I press the clutch in - I have to press the eco-mode button to restart. No problems with changing gear.
Has anyone else had this problem or know what it may be?

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Re: Eco mode not cutting out when declutching

Post by myglaren »

Hi and welcome to the FCF.
Could you post your VIN here to help identify the installed systems for your car which makes identifying faults more precise.
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Re: Eco mode not cutting out when declutching

Post by GiveMeABreak »

So obviously you have the stop and start system.

There can be many reasons why the system won't start, primarily these are:
  • Traction chain closed
  • Power accumulator charge status inadequate
  • Low battery charge status
Normally, if the battery charge is low then the engine will not stop (generally battery status below 73%) - so I would get your battery checked and maybe put it on charge. If you have access to Diagbox, this may produce some fault codes.

Does the ECO button flash at all or does it stay on or off?

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Re: Eco mode not cutting out when declutching

Post by Paul-R »

The most likely item to be at fault is the switch on the clutch pedal which signals when the pedal is depressed. Using a code reader which can monitor the system properly will show whether the switch is working. The recommended reader is a Diagbox as lesser readers might not be able "see" into the system as deeply as required.

Another way of restarting the engine on our car when the S&S has kicked in is to turn the steering wheel slightly. Does this work for your car?