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Re: Service with a smile.

Post by admiral51 »

Well a new one for me, something totally unexpected and not asked for.
I ordered 2 of the OEM clamps for the front leak off pipe for my Xantia from EuroCarCare, the package contained 1 of the OEM and 1 of the generic part.
Emailed them and have been given a reply and a total refund on the order, now i feel bad and have replied as i used both parts to try and solve my issue, i ordered the parts, regardless of what was delivered i used them, and i feel i should pay for them, honest human error in picking and dispatch, i feel that i should pay for what i used ?
Brilliant service from them, previous items ordered have arrived on time and as described so yes i will endorse them as a good company
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Re: Service with a smile.

Post by van ordinaire »

Soon after their earlier mention here, I had a look at their site out of curiosity (especially as CP4L have fallen from grace) & having punched in the C15's reg (simply because no one recognises the Xantia's) was surprised at what turned up: a 2-piece replacement clamp for the EGR - & who could resist an air filter for £2? Hope to be paying them a visit soon.
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