Air leak in fuel line?!?

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Air leak in fuel line?!?

Post by Bsim9751 »

Hi all. Ive been having trouble starting my van in the mornings. The van has an xud9te engine. Unless I pump the black grenade thingy a load of times it really doesn’t want to start. I’ve been told it could be air getting into the fuel line?
Any help appreciated!!

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Re: Air leak in fuel line?!?

Post by white exec »

Connect in (with air-tight connections) a short length of non-collapsible transparent tubing just before the injector pump. This will allow you to monitor whether there is any air getting sucked into the fuel.

Suspect the priming bulb itself, and the fuel filter, and fuel pipe connections.

Also check that all the glowplugs are working. Check out the GPs and the connections at the GP relay. Unbolt each connection, and clean up. GP relay internal contacts also worth checking. Each individual should be pulling around 9amp.

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Re: Air leak in fuel line?!?

Post by Peter.N. »

Being and XUD I would as Chris does, suspect the glow plugs. If you have a multimeter with an ohms range, check the resistance between the terminal and earth with the lead disconnected, a good plug should read around 1 ohm or less if you can get a really good connection. Any that don't read at all are duff, but they can go high resistance so anything much over 1 ohm could mean that the heat output is down.