Problems with my new 308

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Problems with my new 308

Post by mjl7972 »

Does anyone know a decent mechanic in the Stoke on Trent area?
I've just brought a 2009 308 1.4 EP3 8FS.

It looks like it has had a recent replacement head as it has scrapyard markings on it. Problem I have is that the thermostat is stuck open, the manifold heat shield is missing and there is grey smoke from the exhaust when pulling away from traffic lights when hot.

I think it could be valve stem seals or a poorly fitted head (I have checked and there are no exhaust gasses in the coolant) but need someone with at least half an idea to give it the once over and not be too expensive for the work.

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Re: Problems with my new 308

Post by mickthemaverick »

Hi and welcome to the forum, sounds like you may have a bit of a lemon there but with the help from the guys on here you should be able to sort it out. There is a list of recommended garages if you go to viewtopic.php?t=47635 which gives you a place to start. When you need advice post up your VIN which will only be readable by the admin team and someone will help you out. In the meantime have a good look round the forum from the Board Index above and join in whatever takes your fancy. They are a great bunch on here and we do have some laughs along the way. Cheers :welc: