DPF Additive for Citroen C5 , V6 , 3L , 2010 Model

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DPF Additive for Citroen C5 , V6 , 3L , 2010 Model

Post by hayden641946 » 11 Sep 2019, 05:37

Please , does anyone know the location and ease of topping up the reservoir with the correct volume of additive ?. What is the recommended type with part No and where can I purchase in Australia outside of a Citroen dealer ?

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Re: DPF Additive for Citroen C5 , V6 , 3L , 2010 Model

Post by GiveMeABreak » 11 Sep 2019, 09:53

I had answered this on your original post - but have moved my response here now.
hayden641946 wrote:
11 Sep 2019, 04:33
Where do I find the DPF additive reservoir on a Citroen C5 , V6 3L Diesel , 2010, X7 Sedan .
Can I buy the fluid in Australia ?
The additive tank is at the rear left hand side of the fuel tank - item 9 on the diagram.
Additive tank.PNG
Post your VIN up if you want to know the correct additive to use.

The additive can generally be bought in 1 litre or 3 litre kits.

Your DT20 engine is factory filled with 2.4 Litres of additive. So when the 'Additive Level Low' warning comes on, the engine ECU has estimated the remaining quantity of additive is insufficient to take you to the next scheduled service (based on remaining miles left to service indicator), so puts the warning up.

In your case, I would buy a 3 litre kit. The tank is just over 3 Litres in capacity.

You can buy additive kits from many suppliers on line, but is important to get the right one - hence the request for your VIN.